How Do I Know If My Home Is Grounded?

Your house wiring impacts your appliances, electrical equipment, and overall safety. As such, electrical grounding is an essential concept that should be addressed in every home. If you’re unfamiliar with this concept, here’s a guide to help you understand whether your wiring system needs to be updated.

What to Know About Grounded House Wiring

Why Grounding Is Important

house wiringProper electrical grounding is key for personal safety and the longevity of all your devices that use electricity. It essentially provides a place for electricity to go when extra currents are produced. By running an extra wire through the system and into the ground, it acts as a safety net for any additional currents to travel through. If this wire is not in place, extra currents are forced to go somewhere else and may run through your appliances or devices. This could lead to power surges, overheating, or fires.

How to Tell If Your Home Is Grounded

If your house wiring isn’t grounded, contact an electrician to fix it right away. If you’re not sure, take a look at your outlets. If they only have two prongs, your home probably is not grounded properly. If there are three, there’s a better chance that your equipment is up to date, though it isn’t guaranteed. You can use a circuit tester to evaluate each outlet throughout your home, or schedule an inspection with a professional electrician. Older homes built before the 1950s are most likely to have outdated wiring, unless your home went through major renovations at some point.

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